Maintenance Patch Notes

Re made Gods weapon quest into 3 quests

1-Gods weapon (1)

-Kill Selket

-Kill Neith

2-Gods weapon (2)

-Kill Isis

-Kill Anubis

3-Gods weapon (3)

-Kill Harroeris

Added Fun quests series

-Fun 2

Requires :Level 100

Object:Enchant an item to +7

Reward:30 of the choosen Elixir

-Fun 3

Requires :Level 100

Object:Collect 1 Heart of Evil

Hint:Drops from normal uniques

Reward:15 silk

-Fun 4

Requires :Level 100

Object:Join Battle Arena or Capture the flag(Disabled)

Reward:10 Arena coins

-Fun 5

Requires :Level 100

Object:Kill someone from the opposite job faction

Reward:1 JP

-Fun 6

Requires :Level 100

Object:Kill 4 players at Survival/LMS

Reward:gold chest

-Fun 7

Requires :Level 100

Object:Collect 1 Heart Of Sereness

Hint:Drops from Ghost Sereness

Reward:???? Talisman


-Talisman Drop rate has been increased

-Nova Drop rate has been increased

-The required exp from level 104 to level 110 has been decreased

-Egy A shield can be dropped from Ghost Sereness

-Chinese Race blessing phy/mag damage has been increased to 30%

-Added Lizard transport pet (less inventory higher speed)

Phy defense for the following uniques has been decreased by 25%


-Job uniques

-Demon Shitan ,Apis

Auto Event Schedule has been changed to the following:-

-Unique Event (Once a day at 6:30 PM)

-Kill The GM (Twice a day ,5:30 PM and 5:30AM)

-Alchemy Event(4 times a day, Every 6 hours starting from 2:30 PM)

-Last Man Standing(4 times a day,Every 6 hours starting from 3:30 PM)

-Fixed Avatar price tag

-Fixed wizzard auto attack bug

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20% Silk Bonus

Donation Bonus: 20% bonus silks on all paypal purchases. available until 09-10

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28.08 Maintenance Patch Notes

Maintenance v001 :white_check_mark: First maintenance is over. We have successfully added, fixed and replaced alot of stuff. It took us 9hours to finish all of these to ensure you a enjoyable gameplay without any downtimes anymore.
We really wish you'll like the changes we have made, enjoy! :interrobang: :tada:
- We've increased the nova drop rate! :white_check_mark:
- We've increased respawn rate of mobs in every region. :white_check_mark:
- We've decreased the respawn of npc thieves/hunters :white_check_mark:
- We've increased the trading stacks to 200
- We've decreased The transport pet
- We've enabled "Survival and Last standing man" events! :white_check_mark:
- We've fixed the black res (now when you get resurrected it lasts only 10seconds) :white_check_mark:
- Restrictions at FW/jobbing are:
1.Warrior (we have disabled PHY/MAG fences usage at fw) :white_check_mark:
2.Bard (we have disabled tambour/dancing buffs usage at fw) :white_check_mark:
3.Warlock (we have disabled mostly broken debuffs (sleep,reflect) at fw) :white_check_mark:(edited)
4. We didn't disable any Chinese buffs. :white_check_mark:
- We have *removed all the ADVs (even from items) and added them at our item mall & SMN Merchant! :white_check_mark:
- Added ADV B (Weapon/Protector/Acessroy/Shield) to item mall, purschable with silks. :white_check_mark:
- Added ADV B (Weapon/Protector/Acessroy/Shield) to SMN merchant, purschable with golds and arena coins. :white_check_mark:
- Guild limit is now 50 & And union is deleted (you can't ally with other guilds anymore) :white_check_mark:
- We've enabled Jangan FW (all other FWs are disabled) + FW register is open! :white_check_mark:
- We've removed all hook hands/vindicitive spirit/commanders patch/sereness tears (they're disabled atm, other 4 talismans are enabled) :white_check_mark:
- Added at SMN Merchant:
1. Global :white_check_mark:
2. Reverses :white_check_mark:
3. Buffalos :white_check_mark:
4. Dmg/Def scrolls :white_check_mark:
- We've added 50 silk scroll, that cost 60 silk! :white_check_mark:
Bug Fix -Trade profit is now set properly
-Prices of the avatar is fixed
-Disabled Rondo from the game
-Extra tab in Simplicity Merchant is fixed
-Fixed Forgotten world spawn
Simplicity Staff.

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